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Super Select is one of India’s leading used car selling websites that provides sellers with a structured platform for transacting used vehicles. It offers its customers top levels of service & a fantastic selection of second hand luxury cars.

The best way to buy a luxury vehicle is to buy preowned rather than a new one. We provide accurate & elaborate information about every luxury car sales in India. The used car information certified used cars, best & low prices make Super Select, the best second-hand cars seller.  

Our highly professional team has one thing in common with you- a crazy passion for all things automobile. Each one of our team members enjoy discussing your selling or purchasing needs – in detail and with in-depth discussion, answering every query, every doubt and every desire. We connect with you on our mutual passion, and only after that business talk starts.


We assure

Super Select offers you the finest of automobiles from across the world- the excellence of German engineering, the sleekest Italian styles, the tough American brands and the innovative Japanese cars! We have something extravagant for every automobile enthusiast, across luxury prices, features, colors and of course, brand value. Our showrooms are an exciting place- that gets your adrenaline pumping and mind enthralled.

> One of the best car inspection teams in India

> Completely transparent and fair dealings

> Complete comfort and driving pleasure

> Zero Tolerance Policy for any malpractices

> No redone or refurbished cars

> Accompanied by a 360 inspection report

No damaged or accidented cars

Offer complete service records to prove that not even a body part has been changed as per service history. We also ensure that the previous insurance policy doesn’t have any kind of accidental claims on it.

We also offer a Buy Back Agreement

Drive out any car from our showroom, use it for 12 months, and come back to us. We will deduct 25% depreciation with kilometers limitation on it, and you can walk away with 75% of the cost you paid.

Provide documentation for a complete RTO Physical Check

A complete check of owner and vehicle history to ensure it has no litigation case on it. There is a National Crime Record (NCR) check, before we buy any car, to completely eliminate any possibility of purchasing a car with a legal or police case.


With no disclosure of seller or buyer details to any third party.

24x7 service and support board line, and an always

On social media and dedicated website, from where you can book your dream car online with secured banking options, anywhere in India.


Why Sell Your Premium Car At Super Select?

Super Select provides an accurate valuation for your car. The valuation given by us is transparent & quick. Sell your car online at super select because of the following advantages:

Single dedicated expert

Super Select is the best way to sell a car online, including a pleasant, simplified process & stress-free buying experience.

Low, transparent, up-front pricing

There are no hidden costs at Super Select . Selling a used car is a quick, easy, straightforward process.

Transparent & upfront price

We make your experience quick, trustworthy, & stress-free. We have a professional team dedicated to continually researching each vehicle’s colour & availability in the market to ensure that our prices are low & fair.

Instant payment

Payments are processed in real time, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The funds are made available immediately.


Luxury Cars Sale

Get the Best Price For Your Used Luxury Car At Super Select

Super Select is amongst the fastest to give you cash for your car. We ensure the payment is made instantly after all the specifications are checked.


Super Select is the best place to sell pre-owned luxury cars such as an Audi, BMW, or any other premium car with all the relevant information on financing, pricing, insurance, & vehicle valuation. We take care of the RC transfer for you & that too for free.


If you are searching for a genuine buyer & want to get your car sold at the best price, Super Select is the best website to sell cars. You can sell luxury cars with our most efficient & easy process. All you need to do is visit our website, book an online appointment, & visit our branch & sell luxury cars in a single visit. After that, our experienced professionals will inspect your car & the best price will be offered to you.


Super Select ensures that every luxury car sales journey in India is nothing less than a smooth ride. It is one of the most innovative and best site to sell used car online that provide umpteen advantages.

You can sell your car in one visit. First, sell your car online with original parts intact and great condition. Our highly structured price estimation process starts with an online quote. Then, a thorough inspection is conducted using scientific tools. Finally, the best possible price for your used luxury car is based on the inspection results.

We offer insurance which is a hassle-free process for your second-hand car. In addition, our emi & finance options enables you to calculate your Equated Monthly Instalments for the loan amount you need. Further, we offer various other luxury itemsapart from our wide variety of used luxury cars.

Fast and easy process
Transparent inspection
Immediate offer
Hassle-free paperwork
Secure payment transactions